MyWebTV Media Center Plugin

mywebtv screenshotMyWebTV is a new plug-in for Media Center that I just came across in the XPMCE forum that gives you access to hundreds of TV channels from all over the world! From the developer: “MyWebTV is a free Add-On for your Windows Media Center Edition. It was designed to bring hundreds of Live TV channels and VideoOnDemand to your living room! We are continuously updating our database with new and better channels.”

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  • rohodoug

    As mentioned in the forums there, I am one of those people who use an extender in my living room, not a PC.

    I wish that more of these add on programs worked on the extenders. I will not be watching tv on my computer anytime soon, just not fun. And I won’t be putting a computer in my living room, I just won’t.

    This would be my biggest wishlist item for the extenders. Maybe the xbox360 will work right.