FrontView – MCE Front Panel Display Application

media center magic displayDo you have a custom built MCE PC with an inactive LCD or VFD display? Checkout FrontView from Media Center Magic to bring your front panel display to life (via Matt Goyer). According to the developer, “FrontView supports the LCD or VFD that is already included in many cases from Silverstone and Ahanix, as well as displays such as Crystalfontz, SoundGraph’s iMon, Matrix Orbital, and LPT based Hitachi 44780 compatible controllers. FrontView even has the ability to use display plug-ins which will allow the use of virtually any display that has an available plug-in (several of which are already being developed by third parties).” What’s more, FrontView is available in two versions: unregistered (FREE – limited capabilities) and registered ($20) full version with plug-in support.

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