Tivo’s Hidden Web Server

davezantz tivo webDave Zantz is up to his TiVo hacking tricks again. He informs us that TiVo Series 2 DVRs have a hidden web server integrated into the system that allows remote access to stored video content. Dave says, “it’s no Slingbox, but for many people it doesn’t require any additional equipment or expense.”

So how does it work? In short, “You can connect to the TiVo inside your home network with just the IP of the TiVo device and any modern web browser on any platform. This allows you to view everything you have recorded and gives you the option of downloading specific shows. To access the web server outside the home, you have to forward some ports on your router. The coolest thing is, this requires absolutely no hacking or modifying of the TiVo – just need a networked Series 2 TiVo that’s been updated with the TTG software,” explains Dave.

Nice work! I wonder how far off Orb Networks is to offering a TiVo plug-in for streaming content to remote devices? Until then, this straight forward solution should work out nicely when on business trips (as long a you have a decent broadband connection in the room) or at your friends house when you want share videos, photos, or music (I’m guessing it supports those formats as well).

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  • babar

    Looks like a TiVo addon for Orb is out there: http://forum.orb.com/viewtopic.php?t=692
    Anybody tried it yet?

  • http://www.alexandergrundner.com Alexander Grundner

    Great find babar! I just posted the news on the front page – Orb TiVo Series 2 Add-On Circulating

  • http://www.zatznotfunny.com/2009-02/yup-this-tivo-tweets/ Zatz Not Funny!

    [...] it would make a great weekend project! From my old PC in the basement, a PHP script logs into the web server on each TiVo box and grabs the XML file with everything that is currently on the box. This part was [...]

  • Scott

    I’ve known about this for awhile, and use it regularly with my Series2 TiVos.

    One thing I have noticed that I thought I’d point out though:

    You can only download one recording at a time. Sure, you can click on another one as it downloads, but the act of clicking on the next one will stop the first one (and it will seem like it’s completed, even though in reality it is not).

  • Chuck Darrow

    Kind of new to placeshifting, but this discussion (using TIVO as a web server) sounds like it would fit my requirements.

    I’ve searched around, but I’ve been unable to locate a source for the TTG software mentioned in the original post.

    Can you let me know where I can purchase a copy? Thanks.

  • Chuck Darrow

    Oops!! Did some further research and found the TivoToGo item and have made the connection to “TTG”. (Told you I was new to this – I was thinking TTG was the software company. I erred). No further question at this time.