Akimbo First to Enable Video Blog Delivery to Any TV

akimbo playerAs the first and only company to deliver video via the Internet to the TV, Akimbo continues to forge ahead, leading the way for consumers to experience TV like never before. Now, Akimbo has given video bloggers and other small publishers the capability to reach TV audiences by delivering their content on the Akimbo Service. This marks the first time that such videos are being delivered to the television.

The Internet has many assets that have been untapped to their fullest potential. A medium for expression, the Internet has become a place to find all types of content from individuals, small companies or large media providers — aligned on the same playing field. Digital media is looking to the Internet for delivery, leaving the media unchained and enjoyable on an array of devices. Blogs have enabled written expression to be distributed easily. Podcasts and digital music services and stores have enabled with the same for digital audio. Until today, video programs were different — only the largest providers reached the preferred viewing device, the TV. With Akimbo’s new feature set, the ability to deliver programs to consumers is now available to virtually anyone, from large studios and networks to the individual with a personal message or video to share.

Five of the Internet’s most popular video blogs are now available on the Akimbo Service, including Rocketboom, FreshWave.TV, Clint Sharp’s Vlog, Steve Garfield’s Video Blog and “The Carol and Steve Show,” and more are added each week. For the first time, these leading-edge video programs are available on TV alongside those from household names like A&E, BBC, CNN, HGTV and Cartoon Network.

“Video bloggers are enthusiastic and prolific content providers. We produce unique and sometimes quirky video for an audience who wants to see and interact with us. It’s only natural that many will want to watch our programs on their TVs. With the Akimbo Service, the ‘Carol & Steve Show’ becomes a part of the Akimbo Guide, right up there with mainstream cable and studio providers, and lets us find a whole new audience that will enjoy our shows,” said video blogger Steve Garfield. “By adding video blogs, Akimbo is democratizing video distribution to the TV and we hope that as more people get to see what video bloggers are doing, they’ll join in and participate in the citizens’ media revolution.”

“Citizens’ media and personal video distribution are among the fastest growing and most exciting areas of activity on the Internet, as evidenced by the massive popularity of blogs, podcasts and now video blogs,” said Akimbo Chief Executive Officer Josh Goldman. “Akimbo was founded with the goal of radically changing the economics of video delivery and enabling consumers to share their videos for viewing on TV. We love featuring these rising influencers on Akimbo and giving them powerful new ways to get their messages out to an audience.”

“Video blogs are incredibly compelling because they take the world and show it in a new light, one that is typically unedited and uncensored,” said Rocketboom Producer Andrew Baron. “Bringing video blogs directly to the TV may help the industry to understand the viability of niche programming where people enjoy content geared towards their individual tastes.”

Rocketboom, a three-minute daily videoblog based in New York City, covers a wide range of information and commentary from top news stories to quirky Internet culture. With more than 6,000 posts and 282 thousand words written to the “Off On A Tangent,” Steve Garfield, a Boston-based video producer and editor, is one of the Web’s earliest blog authors. FreshWave.TV, a video blog from Australia, is hosted, produced and written by Shai Coggins and Bern Relos. Shai also runs a podcast (Shai in 60 Seconds) and a blogging network (AboutWeblogs.com). She also writes for About.com’s Web Logs site (weblogs.about.com).

Akimbo Service

The Akimbo Service features videos from more than 125 distinctive providers in 50 different categories, including many shows that are not readily available on broadcast television. Akimbo’s mainstream and niche content harnesses the power of the Internet and the freedom of viewer-driven on-demand programming to give viewers access to the world’s library of video. Akimbo complements existing cable and satellite services.

A subscription is required to activate the Akimbo Player and access the Akimbo Guide. The Akimbo Service is $9.99 a month; the first three months are free. A lifetime subscription is $199.99. Akimbo’s June promotion features the Akimbo Player for $99 and a lifetime service subscription for $169.99.

About Akimbo

With the Akimbo Service, your wish is on demand(TM). Akimbo was named “Best of What’s New” by Popular Science and accepted 2005 Digital World Innovations and CES Best of Innovations 2005 awards. With 12 patent applications featuring more than 150 patent claims, Akimbo is the first company to deliver digital-quality video-on-demand to any television via a broadband-Internet connection. Akimbo has offices in Los Angeles and San Mateo, Calif. and is a privately held company funded by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Sprout Group and Zone Ventures. For more information, visit www.akimbo.com.

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