MediaREADY 5000 Advanced Digital Media Center Is READY for Retail Prime Time

vwb mediaready 5000

Video Without Boundaries, Inc., a leading provider of interactive, media-convergent home entertainment devices, announced today it has begun shipping the VWB MediaREADY 5000, its top-of-the-line advanced digital media center, to retailers and OEMs around the world.

As VWB’s most complete product, the MediaREADY 5000 connects people simply to all the possibilities found in their digital entertainment world. No bigger than a conventional VHS or DVD player, the MediaREADY 5000 delivers a Tivo-like Personal Video Recorder (PVR) with electronic program guide and the ability to burn media on DVD and CD discs. The unit enables playback of DVD/CD, Real Media, MP3, WAV, MPEG 1, 2 and 4 media. The MediaREADY 5000 allows storage/retrieval of audio, picture and video files via its onboard hard drive, connected peripherals (MP3 players, digital cameras, and other USB storage devices) or via personal computers on the same in-home network. In addition, the device features Internet browsing, Email, streaming video and audio, karaoke, games, and media jukebox.

“The MediaREADY 5000 is the digital home entertainment product millions of consumers have been waiting for,” said Jeffrey Harrell, CEO and President of VWB. “With this unit, consumers will finally be able to connect all of their digital entertainment products and accessories into one unit for easy living room functionality and use.” The company also commented that media and industry reviews of this product are extremely favorable, validating its sales and marketing efforts.

Even more, for European consumers the MediaREADY 5000 also supports Freeview free-to-air digital television support based on DVB-T standards. The unit delivers a DVB-T program guide, European PAL broadcast support, and power conversion suitable for all European electrical currents.

The MediaREADY 5000 digital media center uses the Linux operating system to create an open-standards product that will never become outdated or obsolete. With the MediaREADY 5000, users can enjoy a wealth of options such as recording live TV, watching a movie stored on their family room PC from their bedroom, playing hours of MP3 songs throughout the house, or answering email on their big-screen TV.

VWB’s MediaREADY 5000 comes complete with full-sized wireless keyboard and infrared remote control, 120 GB hard drive, and 802.11 (54 Mbps) wireless or Ethernet (100 Mbps) wired support. The unit retails at an MSRP of $699 USD and is now available for retail or OEM delivery worldwide.

VWB expects to make specific retail distribution announcements regarding the MediaREADY 5000 in coming weeks. For a full guide to the MediaREADY 5000 advanced digital media center or to order it direct from VWB, go to

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