Home Automation with the Mac mini

nerd vittles indigo screenshotNerd Vittles has a three part series on building a home automation system using the Mac mini. This is a very comprehensive guide and it’s based on using the Indigo home automation software with X10 devices:

With Indigo, you first define all of the X10 components that have been installed in and around your home: sensors, motion detectors, lamp modules, appliance modules, door chimes, and on, and on. Next, you define what you want to happen with each device and when. These actions occur because of one of two types of triggers: time/date matches or external triggers… Finally, all Indigo actions can be enabled for use from two other pieces of software: Ovolab Phlink and Salling Clicker. Phlink is a complete telephony server for your Mac. Salling Clicker lets you control many Mac functions including Indigo using almost any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

The Indigo software looks very cool and has a slick looking user interface. Salling Clicker is a remote control application that works with the Mac through a bluetooth-enabled cell phone or PDA. This is nice setup for home automation and it wouldn’t take much to turn the Mac mini into a media center as well!

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