IPdrum Brings Skype to Mobile Phone Users Worldwide

ipdrum logoIPdrum, a VoIP solutions provider, today introduced the IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable, a first and long awaited bridge between Internet telephony and mobile phones. The IPdrum Mobile Cable connects Skype to a mobile telephone via the mobile telephone network — allowing Skype users true mobility and worldwide calling for local rates.

With IPdrum and Skype, a user can call free of any long distance charges, world wide from his/her mobile phone. “Skype users today need to physically sit in front of their PCs or buy special cordless phones that must be used within a range of a few meters from the PC,” says Kjetil Mathisen, CEO IPdrum. “These current Skype restrictions provide enormous market potential for IPdrum technology and solutions.”

IPdrum has developed patent-pending technology to connect the traditional telephony systems with peer-to-peer (P2P) telephony. IPdrum Mobile Cable enables the user to Skype from his/her mobile no matter where he/she is.

“This marriage of technology will change the mobile phone network as we know it today, forcing the mobile carriers to re-think their international calling price strategy,” says Jerry Pettersson, founder of IPdrum. “Just as Skype has changed the land line (PSTN) network landscape, the IPdrum Mobile Cable will further revolutionize the complete communication network.”

Unlike similar products currently on the market, IPdrum Mobile Cable does not require any special phones, and it is not restricted to special “Hotspots” or zones where technologies such as Wifi are available. In addition, IPdrum Mobile Cable incorporates a range of features and capabilities designed to increase convenience and performance when Skyping such as:

  • Forwarding of incoming Skype calls to PSTN or a mobile phone
  • Synchronizing of contacts from a mobile phone
  • Synchronizing of contacts in Skype
  • Connecting/Synchronizing contacts with Skype users

Skype, by far the most successful P2P VoIP solution, has clocked 100 million downloads as of April 2005 and is expected to have a major impact on the entire telecom industry. “We aim to be a leading supplier to Skype and other peer-to-peer telephony operators,” says Mr. Mathisen.

About IPdrum
IPdrum is a supplier of innovative hardware and software to the new, fast growing and revolutionary market for telephony over Internet. The company’s flagship product is IPdrum Mobile Cable. For more information about IPdrum, product availability and pricing, please go to www.ipdrum.com.

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