HUSH Intros M-Series MCE Set-Top PCs

hush m mce

Hush Technologies, best known for their gorgeous, fanless set-top style PCs, has just announced the availability of their new, super-slim HUSH M MCE PC. The new Hush M series is powered by an Intel M processor on a Mini ITX board and boasts an unheard of 3-inch profile. As you may have guessed, the M in the model name stands for Mobile (as in mobile processor) – the big craze in quiet computing because it helps keep internal components cool with its miserly consumption of electricity. Prices start around $1,700, but, hey, you’ll be the envy of all your friends.


  • Hush™ Anti-Vibrational Aluminium Case (3 colors: Silver, Black, Bronze) with Hush™ Heatpipes, Fanless,
  • Hush™ High-End Power Supply, 90 Watt max. Output, Fanless,
  • Mini ITX Mobile Pentium M Board,
  • 1.4 GHz Intel® Celeron® M (up to 2.0GHz Pentium M) Processor , Fanless,
  • 512MB (up to 1GB) DDRAM PC400 (1 DIMM),
  • 160GB (up to 800GB) 3.5” HDD, 7200 RPM,
  • DVD-ROM,
  • VGA On-Board, Intel extreme Graphic Chip, Fanless,
  • Certified FM/TV Card for your Microsoft MCE 2005 Version (Dual Tuner available),
  • 10/100 LAN Ethernet on Board,
  • Optional 802.11g Wireless LAN module
  • Infrared Media Center Edition 2005 Remote Control,
  • onBoard 6 channel Audio Sound 5.1, SPDIF out (Optical/RCA)
  • 2x USB 2.0, 2x IEEE 1394 FireWire, RS232, parallel, Mouse and Keyboard Ports,
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 & Microsoft Works Suite 2005,
  • CyberLink Power DVD 6 (MCE Version) OEM and Computer Associates’s eTrust™ EZ Antivirus 2005
  • Dimensions: 16.93 x 16.14 x 2.95 (including feet)

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  • nubink

    What a great looking box. Only thing that I can”t quite work out; where is the $1700 going to??? I mean, the retail cost of the parts alone (excluding the case) can’t add up to much more that $1000 and that is being really generous. Is the case and build really worth $700… eek..!

    Good margins though!

    I would be very interested to read an insiders viewpoint…

    Cheers all and great site.