Bose SoundDock, the Best Sound for Your iPod

bose sounddockTarget has started selling the Bose SoundDock digital music system for the iPod or iPod Mini in my local store. I have to tell you when I heard this thing play – I was blown away. I’ve heard about the superior quality of Bose audio systems but I was very impressed with this. The unit was setup with an iPod that had different genre samples – rock, classical, jazz, and a few others. I am not an audiophile by any means but this system clearly could differentiate between classical and rock. A lot of people are turning to iPod’s to power their home stereo systems – the iPod has a great user interface and if you’ve invested the time and money to setup your iPod with all of your music why not use it around the house as well as when you are on the go. This could make a great listening station in your digital home with easy setup and great sound.

It also charges your iPod while in the system and has a remote control. Here’s the full feature list:

Bose® proprietary acoustic design
Rich, full sound from a relatively small enclosure.

Docking cradle/charger
Charge your iPod® or iPod mini while you listen—without cables or adapters.

Small footprint/slim profile
Complement your room with a system that blends in with almost any d�cor.

Infrared remote
Control system volume and basic iPod® functions from across the room.

Active electronic equalization
Balances output of all frequencies to provide natural tonal balance and clarity throughout the audio spectrum.

Patented integrated signal processing
Enjoy lifelike, rich performance at almost any volume level.

Digital signal processing circuitry
Helps your system maintain audio accuracy with greater consistency.

Compression circuitry
Allows you to enjoy clear, undistorted sound—even at high volumes.

Shielded speakers
Prevents TV and computer picture interference so you have more flexibility to place your system where you want.

If you get a chance to listen to this by all means do – maybe it will convince you to pony up the dough for the $299 price tag.

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  • amx

    So how much did bose pay you to write that review? If you think this Bose is the best for your ipod, then maybe you should give the Klipsh iFi system a try.

  • Tim Coyle

    Unfortunately I didn’t get paid anything to write about the Bose iPod Sound System :) Like I said I’m not much of an audiophile but I thought the Bose system sounded really good. I will try to check out the Klipsh system though – thanks for the pointer.

  • DARK13

    I got it as present. It’s okay for some music, but not all.

    Especially not good for metal, or nu-metal, lo-tuned, or rap, it distorts very very easily. I put on some Brand New Sin, “SPP,” and it sounds like the speakers are ripped to shreds, it’s weak, for $300, it blows. My $99 JBLs for my Mac are far superior to the overrated Bose.

    It does not have any bass to it, & distorts at low volumes. It’s great for classical or pop music, but if you like anything that isn’t all midrange and treble, forget about it. I would not but it.

    Remote is huge for 6 buttons, buy the Klipsch, they are superior.

  • sbstrd

    Bose wont publish their specs and sues anyone who says their stuff is crap!

    If you go into their store, everything is loaded with music that has good highs and good lows to make their systems sound better. Mids are non-existent.

    For once I’d love to see a frequency response on their junk. It would be a good laugh. Ever wonder why Bose doesn’t have anything THX rated? That’s because their overpriced crap wont put out a decent frequency response across the full range at normal volume levels.

    Man I hate Bose. They’ll probably sue me for typing this!