UStec Mac mini Home Media Server Solution

ustec mac mini home serverUstec has released one of the most impressive Mac mini home media server solutions to date – hat tip to Automated Home for bring this product into the lime light. Basically what Ustec is offering is a complete home data and A/V distribution solution that’s powered by a Mac mini, but leverages the company’s proprietary technology to combine commercial grade Ethernet Switch/Router, 350Mhz rated tecWire and tecPorts, advanced firewall capabilites, home security, and whole-home distribution for access to pictures, movies, MP3 files, and more. The only drawback for the do-it-yourself types is that UStec products are only available through certified dealers and home installers.

Feature Highlights:

  • High-bandwidth tecWire provides crystal clear television pictures and multiple phone lines in up to 10 locations.
  • Video amplifier booster over dual coaxial cabling for crisp video for eight locations in your home. High-definition satellite also is available to eight locations.
  • iLAN Series tecCenters provide a router for computer networking, enabling Internet connection sharing, advanced firewall capabilities, and whole-home distribution.

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