Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 – The Industry’s First 500GB Hard Drive

hitachi deskstar 7k500Come to Papa! Hitachi has just unveiled the industry’s first 500GB hard drive, its also the first to include support for SATA II. According to PCWorld, the Hitachi 500GB Deskstar drive “will be available in two versions: a $500 drive featuring the older parallel ATA interface and an 8MB data buffer, and a $520 model with a 16MB buffer that uses the 3-gigabits-per-second Serial ATA II interface (which is backward-compatible with the 1.5-gbps SATA interface). Test units were not available at press time, but shipping versions should be ready in the second quarter of this year. Hitachi estimates that the five-platter 500GB drives will be able to store up to 56 hours of HDTV depending on compression rates.”

PCWorld also states that drives like the Hitachi Desktar, which use longitudinal recording (writes data tracks in concentric circles using particles magnetized horizontally on the surface of the disk), will hit 1TB of storage – 250GB per platter – by the end of 2006. Whoa, that’s massive! However, perpendicular recording (magnetizes the particles vertically) drives, which are on the horizon for 2007, will easily take longitudinal recording drive capacity and multiply it exponentially. Analysts predict next-gen perpendicular drives should reach its max storage potential by 2010, where thermally assisted magnetic recording takes over.

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