TiVo HME Bloglines Reader Add-On Released

tivobloglines screenshotOver the weekend we got word that a Bloglines TiVo HME (Home Media Engine) application called TiVoBloglines had been released, which is exciting news, but the few sites who reported on it didn’t bother to see what its capabilities were. At first glance it appears to be the next “must have” add-on that allows users to login and view their Bloglines subscription through their familiar TiVo interface. However, the initial release is quite limited on functionality (stated on the developer’s page):

  • Feeds aren’t sorted in any particular order
  • Folders in Bloglines feed list are ignored
  • Screen titles aren’t positioned very well

Sounds to me like it’s still in alpha or beta. It may be useful for people who only manage a few dozen feeds, but if you’re a power user who has multiple folder categories, you might want to pass for now. In any case, hat tip to the developers on getting started on such a desirable HME add-on (you still beat MCE to the punch).

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