David Zatz How-To: Use TiVo To Go with the Sony Playstation Portable

sony psp lrgNice! David Zatz has updated his TiVo To Go Unleashed! guide to include instructions on how to add pre-recorded TV shows from your TiVo to your new Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). Who said there wasn’t any content worthwhile on the PSP? The only catch, Joel from Gizmodo states, “It’s a little patchy, with a few steps of manual transcoding and the like in between, but I’m sure someone will build a nice all-in-one tool soon enough. Until then, Dave’s got the basic steps (and plenty more info for transferring your TiVo To Go content elsewhere, not just the PSP).”

PSP Video 9 – Playstation Portable BitTorrent Friendly Video Converter

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