Sony Announces New PSX Models With PSP Video Support

sony psx pspFor those who’ve been worrying that Sony’s PSX (PVR meets PS2) was headed for the scrapheap, Sony’s given the hybrid line a new lease on life. The recently announced DESR 5500 and 7700 add DVD+R dual-layer support to existing DVD-R/-RW (8x/4x) and DVD+R/+RW (8x/4x) recording capability. They also up the storage ante with 160 GB and 250 GB hard drives, respectively. But the hottest feature of the these models is interoperability with the PSP “allowing recorded TV programming to be copied over to a MS Duo Pro card then transferred to the PSP.” Video files are encoded in either 384 or 768 kbps MPEG4 and take up to 25% of playback time for conversion. We’re a little surprised that Sony didn’t include the option of recording directly to 768 kbps MPEG4, eliminating the conversion time and extending storage capacity for those not looking for a hi-def experience.

A PVR that plays PS2 games sounds great in our books but we still can’t figure out what Sony’s thinking when it comes to media – the PSP comes with a 1.8 GB UMD optical disk reader which could fit all 201 minutes of Return of the King at that same bit rate on a 65 mm wide optical disc. Of course, you can always get a higher capacity memory stick (SanDisk recently announced a 1GB MS-Duo Pro Stick for just over two hundred bucks) but we’re still waiting for recordable UMD.

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