Slim Devices Rocks The World With Squeezebox2

slim devices squeezebox2Slim Devices, Inc. today introduced Squeezebox2, the next generation of its award-winning Squeezebox music player and a major step forward for the network audio category. Squeezebox2 was designed to bring out the full potential that digital music files have to offer. The player is available for purchase from Slim Devices’ web site (

“We’re breaking new ground here”, said Sean Adams, CEO and founder of Slim Devices. “Not only have we redesigned the hardware from the ground up, but we’re also introducing a major update to SlimServer, the amazing open-source software package that powers our products”.

Benefits of Squeezebox2 and the supporting technologies:

  • Superior sound quality—Squeezebox2 features Burr-Brown™ digital-to-analog converter, legendary for their pure sound and low THD levels. Optical and coaxial S/PDIF outputs are also provided, powered by ultra-precise crystal clock oscillators, a large audio buffer, and full support for PCM and FLAC lossless audio compression.
  • Locate players far and wide—With external and internal antennas for extended range and built-in support for true 802.11g, Squeezebox2 can be located up to three times further from an access point than competing products.
  • Animate your music—Squeezebox2 displays visualizers that move to the beat of the music. Now with more than twice the resolution, the larger 320×32 vacuum fluorescent display makes it easier to see your music as a well as hear it.
  • New Colors—Squeezebox2 comes in two colors, Basic Black and Triple Platinum to complement any stereo or bedside table.
  • Bridging—Squeezebox2 doubles as a wireless bridge, extending Internet connectivity to any room in the home. Products such as Playstation™, XBOX™, Tivo™, VOIP phones, and home theatre PCs can now be easily connected to a home network without running ethernet cabling.
  • Find Songs Faster—Easily search 100,000 song libraries in seconds to find the perfect song for the perfect moment.
  • Listen to more audio formats—Squeezebox2 does its audio decompression in firmware on a powerful 32-bit, 8-way multithreaded processor. Squeezebox2, together with SlimServer 6, supports all the most popular audio formats, including WMA, AAC, MP3, FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, and more.
  • Anytime Internet Radio—Automatically connect to SqueezeNetwork for “always-on” access to your favorite Internet radio streams from award-winning providers such as Live365™, SHOUTcast™, and radioio™.
  • Rediscover the hidden gems in your collection—Create instant mixes based on the audio characteristics of any song using built-in support for MusicMagic™ and Moodlogic™. Automatically import existing playlists from iTunes™.
  • Synchronize music to more rooms—Stream the same files or different music to 2, 10 or even 50 rooms.

Squeezebox2 will be released in distribution worldwide on March 31st. The retail prices are $299 for Squeezebox2 Wireless and $249 for Squeezebox2 Wired.

About Slim Devices
Slim Devices, founded in 2000, is the worldwide pioneer of network entertainment products for users of personal computers and the Internet. Slim Devices’ innovative hardware and Open Source software is setting the standard for an exciting new product category. The Slim Devices logo and Squeezebox are trademarks or registered trademarks of Slim Devices, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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