Brightcove IP Content Distribution Service Officially Unveiled

brightcove graphicOver the weekend Jeremy Allaire, one the creators of ColdFusion and co-founder of Allaire Corp. (later sold to Macromedia), publicly announced, Brightcove, his latest venture into IP video and Internet TV distribution. With $5.5 million of first-round venture funding from General Catalyst Partners and Accel Partners, Allaire hopes to level the playing field and enable content creators to take more ownership/profits when using Brightcove as their backbone for content distribution and monetization. From the front page of, “Content owners, video rights-holders and independent producers will get an empowering new direct-to-consumer distribution channel, creating more flexible business models and a greater share of profit margin than they can achieve from traditional distribution channels. Viewers will get access to an online service that offers new levels of control over their use of video and television.”

Rafat Ali’s ( take on Brightcove: “My impression: think of it as RealNetworks done right with a consumer video service, a backend service, and other allied services needed for everyone from small publishers, like bloggers, to small-to-mid sized media companies and online VOD startups, develop and distribute video easily and cost-effectively. In essence, an open-publishing model.”

If Brightcove lives up to the hype it’s starting to create, the company will become an invaluable tool for both professionals and homebrew wanna-be producers. And since all the content will be centralized in one location, from one outlet, the chances of getting discovered goes up tremendously. However, larger content broadcasters, like cable/satellite networks, can also benefit from using Brightcove’s backbone and distribution mechanism instead of having to make a major investment in creating a proprietary video-on-demand IP distribution system like the one Brightcove is already laying the groundwork on.

Side note: More details should be coming out in the next few weeks, but my hope is that Brightcove will integrate its services, from the get-go, into platforms that are proven to work — Online Spotlight for MCE, TiVo HME, and Beyond Media plug-in extensions — and not wait for cable/satellite service providers to integrate their technology into set-top boxes.

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