HP Launching a Linux Media Hub

linux hp penguinJust in from the NYT… This is a bold slap to Microsoft considering HP is the marquee brand used in all Media Center marketing. This makes a pretty clear statement on the ease of use… or lack thereof of the Media Center platform.

Hewlett-Packard will introduce a new device this fall meant to record and play back television [including HDTV] as well as organize digital media, including photos, music and video, the company said yesterday.

Hewlett already offers similar devices based on Microsoft’s Windows Media Center Edition. The device, called the HP Media Hub, will be based on the Linux operating system.

Carleton S. Fiorina, the chief executive, said that by using Linux, rather than Windows, Hewlett can reduce the cost of the device, which has not been set, she said.

“The real motive is not the cost,” she added, but “the ease of use and simplicity. [NYT]

* Also see CNET News story: HP unveils plans for digital home invasion

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  • http://www.alexandergrundner.com Alexander Grundner

    Seems like a bastard child device to me. I wonder how it will integrate with other HP media center related products (if it even does)? As for the ease-of-use… it’s highly doubtful that it will be superior to the MCE UI. However, since it will natively handle HDTV as the CNET story reports, then it will have a leg up on MCE 2005.

  • http://www.atmasphere.net/wp Jonathan Greene

    Not sure it does or ever will integrate… It seems more like a CYA move. Amazing that they are publically stating that they UI needs to be easier when they are a leader in the MCE space. Hopefully the CES attendees will bring us some photos of the screen in action… it’s not coming for quite a while, if ever so they have room to shift if they are going to.

  • leobag

    Jonathan Greene said: Not sure it does or ever will integrate… It seems more like a CYA move

    What’s CYA? Do people really think the MCE UI is difficult?

  • http://www.atmasphere.net/wp Jonathan Greene

    Cover Your Ass. I figure they are looking at Linux as they have on other fronts to see if they can’t deliver a quality product and a different price. The ease of use is certainly still to be determined….