HomeSeer Windows MCE Home Control Plug-In Released

homeseer mce pluginHomeSeer Technologies, a home automation software and system developer, has announced the release of their Windows Media Center Edition plug-in that allows HomeSeer product users to control lighting, security, and thermostats throughout the home using Windows Media Center’s 10-foot TV UI and remote control. Also included in the plug-in is a scripting interface (programming languages: VBScript, JavaScript, and Perl) so one can add custom functionality or compatibility support for 3rd party products.

Compatible Products
HomeSeer system software is compatible with wired and wireless protocols for easy adaptation to new construction or retrofit installations. State of the art Z-Wave wireless devices are fully supported as well as conventional powerline-based solutions (like X-10). An ever-growing range of software modules are also available to allow direct integration with devices from vendors such as ACT, Aprilaire, Applied Digital, Global Cache, HAI, HomeVision, Leviton, Lightolier, Lutron RadioRA, JDS, Napco, OnQ, RCS, Smarthome, Sylvania, WGL and many others.

New to Homeseer Version 2.0
HomeSeer is designed to keep pace with emerging technologies in home automation. Our new v2.0 software is designed from the ground up on the new industry standard .NET framework and offers all the advantages, reliability and security of that architecture. Here are just a few of the many unique capabilities of HomeSeer:

  • Can be run directly from the MCE PC or any PC on the home network.
  • Can be remotely managed & monitored with PCs, PDAs or even cell phones!
  • Z-Wave wireless devices fully supported (including lighting and HVAC).
  • Can be expanded for infrared control of home entertainment equipment.
  • Supports text-to-speech operation for announcements such as caller-ID, weather, news headlines, home status, even reminders!

Source: HomeSeer [PDF] (Via Addicted to Digital Media)

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