My Netflix MCE 2005 Plug-In

my netflix mce2005 plugin

Life doesn’t get any easier for Netflix subscribers who own a new Media Center Edition 2005 PC. Ryan Hurst of (the guys who brought you My DVD Collection) has just released the My Netflix MCE plug-in that enables Netflix subscribers to login and manage their queue, check their rental history, review suggestions and new releases, view top 100 or top 25 rentals by genre along with other functions through a 10-foot TV interface. So the next time you’re watching TV and see a commercial for an upcoming DVD release, pop over to My Netflix and add it to your queue.

My Netflix is available for free, but if you’re going to download the plug-in, give Ryan and the other developers a little support via a PayPal donation for their efforts – My Weather and My Recipes for your enhanced Media Center experience are also available.

Via: Addicted to Digital Media

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  • huntm

    Cool tool but how great to be able to use the netflix instant viewing feature via MCE or and Xbox 360 Extender! Any plans in the works?