NowHouse on Display at SBC Park

cleverhomes nowhouseThe Affordable Green Development Corporation and CleverHomes, in partnership with CNET Digital Living, is now showcasing the ultimate high-tech, environmentally friendly home of the future that people can buy or build for themselves at San Francisco’s SBC Park through December 20th. The model home, dubbed the NowHouse, is made of advanced green materials and is equipped with the latests in home networking, automation, and security technology for home buyers interested in the digital lifestyle.

“CNET saw the NowHouse project as a unique opportunity to bring the digital home to life and show people how today’s technology can enhance and enrich their lives,” says Candice Meyers, Senior Vice President, CNET. “There is a notion that a house that is outfitted with the latest tech products is not energy efficient, and the NowHouse is an excellent place to show consumers how they build the ultimate digital home – that is still environmentally friendly.”

However, after reading the San Francisco Chronicle piece on the NowHouse, people will find more value to the project than just being a “connected home.” Founder and visionary of CleverHomes, Scott Redmond and others have put together a truly affordable fabricated home built with eco-friendly materials which can be easily assembled by a contractor and expanded to meet the residents’ needs. For example, home owners can start off with a single story unit and later expand it to two stories to add a loft-ceiling living room and master suite in about 12 days. “Redmond managed this versatility through the use of factory-built walls made of recycled wood and eco-friendly steam-expanded foam insulation. According to Redmond, the insulated panels (precut by enormous robots) are strong enough to withstand 160-mile-an-hour winds and far more fire and earthquake resistant than stick-frame buildings. Requiring no drywall and no expert carpentry crew, they offer a quicker, greener and cheaper solution to traditional building.”

To keep things affordable, CleverHomes decided to only offer one set 2,400-square-foot floor plan (or in other words, one model to choose from) in order to keep construction costs down to around $150 per square foot. Redmond hopes to sell the NowHouse and 999 clones for $116,000 for the core kit or $200,000 including all interior finishes: new-growth bamboo floors, fine bamboo cabinets, KitchenAid appliances, and others (neither price includes labor).

* NowHouse: Mon.-Sat., 10 am-7 pm through Dec. 20; SBC Park parking lot; $5; see for workshop schedule.

Source: CleverHomes

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