MSN TV 2 Officially Launched

msn tv 2

MSN TV 2 Internet & Media Player is now shipping now and due to arrive at major consumer electronic retailers across the country by mid-October. “MSN TV 2 is the only product that brings premium MSN content, PC-stored digital media and e-mail to TV for a truly integrated Internet and media experience. MSN TV 2 is a broadband-home-network-enabled device manufactured by Thomson under the RCA brand. It includes a wireless keyboard and remote control and has an MSRP of $199.95 plus a subscription fee.”

Excerpt from Microsoft’s press release:

MSN TV 2 runs a new version of the MSN TV service that enables broadband households to enjoy Windows Media®-compatible music, video and photos on their televisions from the Web or shared from files on their networked PCs. Users can choose from hundreds of news, sports and entertainment video clips updated daily from leading content providers and play them back on their TVs automatically. The service includes access to 200 commercial-free radio stations, a primary MSN e-mail account with 2 GB of storage, 10 secondary e-mail accounts with 250 MB of storage, and constantly updated spam protection.

The MSN TV 2 Internet & Media Player is a complete overhaul and replacement for Microsoft’s earlier MSN TV Internet receiver. Driven by the Intel 733 MHz Celeron chip set, which provides 16 times the previous processing power, it includes 128 MB of RAM and 64 MB of flash memory. MSN TV 2 is equipped with an Ethernet port and two USB ports for accessories such as digital media card readers, wireless network adapters and printers. Based on the Windows® CE operating system, MSN TV 2 comes preloaded with Windows Media Player for TV, Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 technology and Windows Media Connect, a new Microsoft technology for sharing media across a home network.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a media adapter or even a Windows Media Extender, MSN TV 2 might be better alternative to streaming your favorite digital content from your networked home computers. And like Microsoft states above the MSN TV 2 is loaded with Windows Media Player for TV, Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 technology, and Windows Media Connect (allows streaming and playback of Windows Media protected audio/video files), so in reality this adapter is hands down the best choice, with the most options and flexibility, out of all the media adapters to date.

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  • kimster

    So we’ll probably be seeing it running Linux by the end of October then… :p