Converged Devices at a “Tipping Point” – Steve Ballmer

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer at a press briefing in London stated that digital home technology is at a “tipping point” for sales of converged devices that integrate video, audio, and data, especially “basic end-to-end IP-based set-top box devices” for the living room.

From what we can tell, Microsoft is trying to score a home run with one or a combination of their strategies: Windows Media Center Edition PC, Windows Media Extender, MSN TV2, and Microsoft TV set-top box platform technology. In either case, they have the bases covered and are way ahead of the competition in all areas of converged infotainment devices, including Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection schemes. “We’ve had DRM in Windows for years. The most common format of music on an iPod is ‘stolen’. Part of the reason people steal music is money, but some of it is that the DRM stuff out there has not been that easy to use. We are going to continue to improve our DRM, to make it harder to crack, and easier, easier, easier, easier, to use,” Ballmer states. And as everyone knows, DRM is the key element required by content creators for mass distribution of digital content on converged devices.

Source: ZDNet UK

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