Exclusive: MobiNote DVX-POD 7010

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Since details about the about the MobiNote DVX-POD 7010 have been scarce, we decided to catch up with Keith Chiang, Business Development Manager at MobiNote Technologies, and ask him 10 of our burning questions about their new buzz-worthy 7-inch, 16:9 wide-screen Portable Media Player.

mobinote dvx pod topMobiNote DVX-POD 7010 Product Recap:

The DVX-POD is an iPod-looking Portable Media Player that features a 7-inch color LCD (720×480), 20GB 1.8-inch HDD, and weighs only 600g. You may notice that the DVX-POD has no visible front panel buttons, but has cleverly hidden the media controls at the top of the device with A/V ports situated on its sides. Video playback formats include MPEG-4, DivX 3.11, 4 and 5, QuickTime 6 and WMV files, but can also record TV video directly into MPEG-4. As for audio, it supports WMA and MP3 audio files and can also record voice memos via its built-in microphone. Photo formats include JPEG, GIF, and BMP images.

1. Suggested retail price?
The MSRP will be around 599~699 USD.

2. When is the DVX-POD becoming available (date and market – asia/europe/united states/worldwide)?
Mass production will be around mid-July and products will be available around August / September. Initially, DVX-POD will be launched in Europe, U.S., and Asia.

3. What is the battery life going to be like?
The battery life is around 3 hours when playing MPEG-4 video files. This number is expected to be improved.

4. Will the firmware be upgradeable for future codecs?
Yes, the firmware will be upgradeable for future codecs.

5. Does it support Windows DRM and Microsoft’s new Multimedia Transport Protocol (MTP) technology?
We have been studying various DRM solutions since the very beginning, but we are still waiting for an industry standard to be established. We are capable of implementing DRM solutions as long as our content provider clients provide us which standards that they would like to part with.

6. Does it or will it (future versions) have Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in TV tuner, PDA functionality, built-in speakers?
Yes, if the consumers need such functions, we will support these functionalities in future models. DVX-POD 7010, being the first 7″ model that sets the industry standard, we believe the product should be simple and meeting the needs of the “popular users” because it is positioned as an CE (consumer electronics) product. It should not be identified as a ‘sub-notebook” or an “enlarged PDA” with every PC enabled functions. The point is how to differentiate from PC and notebooks and focusing on multimedia and entertainment. The principle is “don’t try to be everything, but focus on what we do best”…. in this case, providing MobiNote users with the best video/music/image quality with the most user friendly experience!

7. Is the screen a 16:9 format (wide screen)?
Yes it is 16:9. DVX-POD 7010 comes with LTPS digital LCD panel. The LTPS panel offers 170 degrees of viewing angel which is 30 degrees more than TFT LCD panel. The digital resolution supports up to 854 x 640 resolution which is much higher than analog panels which max. out at 640 x 480 (VGA resolution). We believe these contributing factors will set us apart among competitors.

8. Does the DVX-Pod have a touch screen for controlling the on-screen UI?
The current model doesn’t support touch screen. We decided to leave it out at this moment because the touch panel will decrease the picture quality and brightness by 5%.
However, if we find better touch panels with better solution, we will implement this function into next model.

9. Will it ever have attachments like the Archos AV320: camera module, etc.?
We are currently studying and evaluating. Technology wise, it can be implemented, but we need to make sure our users need such a function as it will increase the price of the unit.

10. Will it support Apple media codecs and Firewire or just USB 2.0?
Good question. Current DVX-POD supports USB2.0, and we are also studying Apple’s solution and if we are going to implement 1394 in future models. Again, it is a matter of user demand. We are very keen on user need and market trend. OTG (aka USB On-The-Go) is also another feature we will implement.

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Editor’s Note – We would like to thank Keith for giving eHomeUpgrade this pre-launch exclusive on the DVX-POD. Furthermore, it is important to point out that MobiNote is the original designer and manufacture the DVX-POD not TwinMos, which was previously stated (or inferred) in the product-breaking article at The Register.

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