Vigoto VigoBox – 5 Channel Connected DVR

vigoto vigoboxIf what Vigoto claims is possible, the VigoBox may be the next big thing in cable-based DVR (digital video recorder) entertainment. The VigoBox claims to be a one set-top box DVR and cable programming solution for up to five televisions in a coaxial wired home (no home networking equipment required). Just install a VigoBox on one TV set and a smaller VigoLink connector on each of the other TV sets in the home and users will able to view, record, and access separate TV/video feeds in their own rooms. What’s more the VigoBox can optionally be connected to a home network and function as a personal server so family members can share digital music, photos, and home videos via the VigoBox Media Library.

Feature Highlights:

  • Record 140 hours of shows or more (larger hard drives are available)
  • Record 5 channels at the same time
  • Watch the same recorded program on multiple TVs simultaneously while pausing, skipping and rewinding independently
  • Watch live TV on some sets while recording programs on others
  • Pause a program on one TV set and continue watching it on another
  • Get high-quality video on demand by downloading video titles into the VigoBox instead of relying on video streaming

* Brought to our attention by Mavromatic

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