OMwave DH-1 Entertainment PC

omwave dh1A new entry into the Entertainment PC market has emerged. OMwave, a privately held French company (with an office in California), is set to unleash the OMwave DH-1, a fanless, A/V component size PC running OMwave’s OMtheater media software (eerily resembles ShowShifter) on a Windows XP foundation. An interesting feature to point out is the PC’s silent cooling system, which is made up two componets: One, an aluminum enclosure with copper heat sink pipes that attach to the case for heat disbursement; two, an oversized, external aluminum heat sink power supply (kind of odd and interesting at the same time).

photo petitSince the DH-1 runs Windows XP, the computer functions as any other computer, users are able to install games, productivity software, add new hardware/peripherals, etc. However, the focus of this product is to use it as an all-in-one entertainment hub for your living room or bedroom, where users can:

  • Listen to your favorite music (CDs, MP3 files…).
  • Watch your DVDs and video files (DivX® videos…).
  • Download music and movies from the Internet.
  • Create your own jukebox and custom your playlists.
  • Check a real time updated TV guide.
  • Watch your favorite TV programs and record them.
  • Pause during a TV show without losing any second of the program.
  • Watch your digital pictures and movies with full viewing comfort.
  • Create your digital photo album.
  • Create your own CDs and DVDs.
  • Surf the Internet and check your e-mails.
  • Play PC games.
  • Work on PC applications and use your High Definition display as a computer (in conjunction w/ OMwave’s wireless keyboard/mouse).

The DH-1 starts at around 2,090 € (about $2,500 USD)

Hardware Specifications:
Processor Intel Pentium 4, Hyper-Threading, 800MHz FSB 2.8Ghz up to 3.2 Ghz
Microsoft Windows XP and dedicated OMtheater software
Hard drive: 120GB up to 500GB (silent mode drives)
Memory: 512MB up to 2GB
Motherboard i865 chipset
TV Tuner Card featuring time shifting
Multi standard video outputs: VGA, TV sVHS…
Audio outputs: SPDIF, surround 5.1…
Ethernet, USB, FireWire, Serial, Parallel ports
Wi-Fi enabled
Silent Power Supply 200W (external)
Finishing: anodized aluminum case and power supply
Case size: 16.5″ x 3.9″ x 14″
Infrared Remote control
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

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