Omnifi DMP1 Digital Media Player Reviewed

omnifi dmp1Crutchfield Advisor has a superb review/overview of the Omnifi DMP1 Digital Media Player, which is a hard drive based car audio system with wireless music streaming capabilities. The system is comprised of three main components: in-dash receiver/controller, 20GB hard disk module, and SimpleCenter PC software — additional adapters required for Wi-Fi connectivity. Once configured correctly the DMP1 becomes the ultimate mobile jukebox.

Product Overview:
The basic idea is that you can wirelessly sync your entire PC’s MP3/WMA music collection (including artist, track, and time information) to your car parked in the garage, at any time or at scheduled time intervals. If you choose not to use the wireless option, you can always take the swappable hard drive out and connect it to a PC via USB 2.0.

News Link: Leslie Shapiro, “Review of the Omnifi™ DMP1 Digital Media Player,” Crutchfield Advisor, March 23, 2004.

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